“Perk like a pro with Aventura® travel benefits.” Video

[4 images appear on screen of Connor McDavid and friends travelling at a beach, in an ice cave, at The Great Wall of China, and at The Eiffel Tower.]

[Image of CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card.]

[Aventura Benefits with Connor McDavid]

Gunnarolla: Check it out, Connor’s going to share some of his travel secrets with us.

[Connor and Gunnarolla sit in a lounge with some food while talking. Images appear on screen of coffee being poured and a food platter in the Aventura lounge.]

Connor McDavid: With my Aventura card I can go right into the lounge, get a nice seat and get a nice meal.

[Connor and Gunnarolla sit in the lounge talking.]

Connor: It’s all about skipping the line, using your NEXUS card to breeze through the airport.

[CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card appears on screen.]

[Complimentary Airport Lounge Access]

[NEXUS Application Fee Rebate]

[Aventura. The Traveller’s Travel Card.]

Gunnarolla: Travel Secrets with Connor McDavid, thank you so much.

[Connor]: Thank you.

[Gunnarolla]: Let’s get going.


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