“Aventura. The Traveller’s Travel Card.™” Video

[Open on the grizzled face of a man operating a small, wooden boat, motoring towards a tropical paradise. We now see that Percy and his family are his passengers. Over this, we hear a previous conversation Percy had with a CIBC Personal Travel Assistant. We never see her during the commercial.]

CIBC PERSONAL TRAVEL ASSISTANT: CIBC Aventura Travel Assistant. How can I help you?

PERCY: Hi, I’m trying to plan a trip.

[We now see Percy and Penny snorkeling over a beautiful coral reef.]


[We now see Percy and his family walking across a simple, suspension bridge over the jungle. They are high up.]

PERCY: Something… less touristy.

[We now see the family at a colourful local, outdoor food market. Percy is at a fish monger’s stall, buying a fish with his Aventura card.]

CIBC PERSONAL TRAVEL ASSISTANT: I get it, you want to do your own thing.

PERCY: Exactly.

[Cut to Percy with his family in the jungle, holding a map. He looks up and points. Through the trees we see a beautiful ancient temple.]

PERCY: We love exploring and seeing new things.

[Cut to Percy and family at a beach campfire at night. Only locals are there. Percy plays guitar with a local while Penny dances the night away. Paddy is asleep on a log.]

PERCY: But we still like to let loose.


[Cut to Percy, Penny and Paddy stepping up onto a rock and staring up in awe at something. We cut wider to reveal a beautiful waterfall.]

PERCY: If you could make that happen, that would be amazing.

CIBC PERSONAL TRAVEL ASSISTANT: Then let’s make it happen.

SUPER: Aventura. The Traveller’s Travel Card.™

CIBC: Aventura. The Traveller’s Travel Card.™ Join now and get up to 20,000 Aventura Points.

SUPER: Up to 20,000 Aventura Points.


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