Transcript: Aventura Rewards – Palm Springs


[Music playing]


[California desert scene; windmills and mountains in the background]




Sarah: Canada is absolutely home.


[Sarah and her young kid are looking up at lemon trees.]


[Bird’s-eye view of Palm Springs]


[Unicorn pool floatie; bird’s-eye view of Sarah floating in a pool;

Sarah’s kid jumps into pool.]


And Palm Springs is this beautiful, tiny, little sunshine-y spot on the map that I can get to so quickly with my children and my family and just unwind and enjoy.


[Sarah’s sitting in pool floatie.]



[Sarah’s working on her laptop while her husband and son are playing in the pool.]


I’m Sarah, I have a design business in Vancouver called Dohmain.


[Neon #PalmSpringsIsBetter sign]


[The Draughtsman Restaurant]


[Sarah and her family are being served food in a restaurant.]


The motto on my site — and sort of how I approach why I do what I do for clients — is, “never let you or your brand get too tired.”


[Husband with son on his shoulders; Palm Springs Art Museum.]


[Sarah’s working at home while her family is playing in the pool.]


As soon as I get somewhere new, all I am is inspired, and I want to be working. So I have to be really conscious to close my computer, not answer email, and just enjoy my family.


[Sarah gives her baby son a kiss in the pool.]


I see travel as an investment. Clients’ demands are so hectic.


[Sarah’s playing cornhole with her young son.]


[Sarah and her family are entering the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden.]


If you can just turn it around and realize that…


[Sculpture Garden]


[Sarah’s taking a photo of her husband and kids outside the garden. The young boy’s eating an ice cream cone.]


…your travel experience is going to benefit your clients as well as yourself, you must keep it in your life.


[Ice Cream & Shop(pe)]


[Sarah’s husband’s holding his baby son.]


It keeps your eyes open; it’s that breath of fresh air.


[The family’s having breakfast together.]


Being exhausted right now with young children is so common.


[Demuth Park]


I often think, well, “how am I going to be inspired today?”


[Sarah’s kid is running. Sarah’s smiling at the camera.]


…or if I do plan a trip, what’s going to be inspiring about that trip? Because I’ll be so tired.


[An airplane flying overhead; bird’s-eye view of Palm Springs.


It’s that whole change of scenery.


[Palm trees; Sarah’s taking in her surroundings; hot air balloons.]


You’re sort of forced to open your eyes.


[Sarah’s walking in the middle of a desert plain with mountains in the background; she stops and closes her eyes.]


You’re looking at this completely curious surrounding and it takes your head out of that fatigue.


[Sarah opens her eyes at a new location and smiles at the camera.]


[The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five]


Palm Springs is having this sort of rejuvenation. Everything old is new again. There’s this huge new design influx.


[Sarah’s browsing The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five with her baby in a wrap over her chest.]


[House address numbers; wire sculptures]


The house address numbers, the curious wire sculptures in people’s gardens…


[Sarah’s browsing cacti]


…the manicured cactus assortments; it’s outstanding to look at.


[Sarah’s sitting outside the Palm Springs Visitors Centre, smiling.]


[Palm Springs Visitors Centre.]


[Bird’s-eye view of a street in Palm Springs.]


If you daydream about all these winter escapes or weekend escapes, just book it.


[The family’s arriving home.]


…the moment you book it, you’re almost on vacation already.


[Sarah closes her work laptop and heads outside to relax by the pool with her kids who are playing in the pool]


[An Aventura for Business card over a bird’s-eye view of Palm Springs]


[Aventura. The Traveller’s Travel Card.™]