[Seagulls in the sky on a sunny day. A family of three - a man with a woman holding a toddler.]


["Traveller's Pick: St. John's"]


[The family admiring an ocean view.  A Canadian flag blowing in the wind. Boats in a harbour. The family walking down a dock, then, on a boat.]


["Bell Island - 10:00AM"]


[On the ocean. The family wearing life vests. A rocky cliff. A cove. A band performing in a pub.]


["Quidi Vidi Brewery - 1:10PM"]


[A bartender pouring beer from a tap. The couple clinking glasses together. The woman squeezing lemon over a dish. The toddler feeding the mother. People dancing to live music in a town square.]


["The Rooms Museum - 3:05PM"]


[A taxidermy moose in the museum. The woman holding the toddler. She points to something. The family walking up a flight of stairs, taking in a view of the ocean from inside the museum. In a market, the woman sampling food. The toddler holding a balloon animal. A cobbler repairing shoes. A sign reads, "Shoe Hospital". Neighbourhood buildings. A daisy.]


["East Coast Trail - 4:45 PM"]


[The family hiking alongside the ocean. The woman carrying the child on her shoulders. A row of colourful homes. Antlers on top of a fence.]


"["Mallard Cottage - 7:15PM]


[In a restaurant, a bartender pouring beer. A chef preparing fish. Serving the dishes to the family. The family laughing together as they eat. Then, walking through town at dusk. The woman holding the child. The child nestles into to the woman's neck. The man rests his arm on the woman's shoulder.]


["Where will you go next?" "CIBC Aventura Credit Card. "Aventura. The Traveller's Travel Card"]